Posting from your phone

A website needs content.

Use your phone to make new posts.

Show the latest in a story.

Add a picture.

Straight from your phone.

Just install the WordPress for Android or iPhone.

Be safe out there.

When you have a website, it will get attacked to get hacked.

This is not what it looks like.

Our servers are constantly getting attached, but almost never by a person. Rather people have written scripts (small pieces of code) that systematically troll the internet looking for specific things, and when they think they have found what they are looking for, then another piece of code is alerted and it does the attack.

This attack code is looking for WordPress websites.
Once it is alerted to a website existing on a server some where, then it goes about see if that website is up to date. It asks your website, my server a whole lot of questions and depending on the answers it may find that the site is not up to date and it is able to exploit a particular vulnerability.

This is why we never what the Government to force Apple, Google or Microsoft to put a back door in to any software. Any such backdoor will become a source for hackers to use and get entry.

This is why we have requirements around how you can use our server to host your website. It is to keep you safe and everyone else here.

A List of Plugins

When you subscribe to have a website with, these are the plugins that we install for you automatically. There will be some set up for you to do but not much.


A new editor for WordPress, this will be the standard editor in versions to come, so we have started using it now.

JetPack by WordPress

Has a number of features that you will find very useful.


Lets you have videos, resources and content from other locations in your website. 

No Page Comment

Control the default comment and trackback settings on new posts, pages and custom post types

NextGEN Gallery

Popular gallery plugin for WordPress

Soliloquy Lite

A responsive WordPress image slider plugin

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin will improve SEO by helping search engines better index your site using sitemaps.

Google Analytics

The one I use does not seem active so looking for a new one.

Open Graph

The Open Graph Protocol enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph.

Choose your Plugins wisely

When you get a website from us, we give you a number of standard plugin.

Unlike many WordPress website hosting services, we do not limit you on what you can install. A company hosting a full featured WordPress website will normally cost you $15.00 a month, those $3.95 WordPress are very limiting in terms of themes, plugins and features. So for the $7.50 a month we suggested you pay you get a full WordPress site.

Be careful

A plugin is compatible code written by a third party to work with WordPress. It may be code to give you photo galleries, image sliders, parallax, Q&As, really just about anything. There are all sorts of standards a coder should follow to make their code compatible with WordPress. In making the plugin the coder has to make sure they do not open WordPress to vulnerabilities, and not be vulnerable in their code to getting their plugin hacked. Unfortunately there is no guarantee that the coder has done a good job.


Good Plugins

How many reviews does a plugin have? Only 10? Tread carefully.

How many one star reviews does it have? Go read a few. People that find a plugin really good, and give it five stars, often have not encounter the problems that caused the one stars. Read the one stars to see if their issues might become yours.

How many downloads does a plugin have? 100, 1,000, 1,000,000? The most is not always the best. The best might just have been written and only has a hundred downloads to day. The number of downloads is a good indicator to look at, along with reviews and updates.

When was the the plugin last updated? WordPress is always being upgraded and you want your plugins to be current as well. A good plugin with lots of reviews and many downloads that has not been updated in 12 months raises alarm bells. This would mean that this plugin is unsupported and may have vulnerabilities.

Plugins we like

We will review plugins here and let you know the ones we like.

Choosing Themes

Not all Themes are created equal.

What is a Theme?

A Theme provides layout and look & feel to your website.

It is the fonts, colours, how widgets get placed, how the homepage is different from every other page, how posts get displayed differently than pages.

A site can only have one active Theme at a time.

Millions of Themes exist on the internet for you to download and install. Just like plugins, you need to be careful.

  • Some themes are old and not compatible with your version of WordPress.
  • Some themes are poorly written and will break your website.
  • Some themes are loaded with hidden software that reports every visitor to your website back to them for the purpose of advertising. That is why it is free.
  • Some themes are bloated and will slow down your website.
  • And some themes are expensive.

So in looking for a theme, do research, think about how you want to display your website, even map it out on paper, then go searching. Just remember that no theme will do all you want it to do, and with all themes you need to learn it’s power.

Simple is Good

A website with us will be simple and elegent.

A minimum of themes, a minimum of plugins, with you woorking with Posts and Pages till you get a good handle on how WordPress works.

If you do not over complicate your layout, you make your website Phone Friendly. Google likes that, so when people search for you or what you do you get up the search rating.

Have a look at this website and and at to get ideas for your website.

Hello world!

First Post.

Two sites you want to look at, this one, and

This will will help with the technical details of running a WordPress website.

The other one will help you with the design elements of running a WordPress website.

Two very different aspects of a website brought to you by two very different people. Both of us want to help you to improve your message around He who is Risen, help your staff and students to thrive, and see the Kingdom of God grow.