Posting from your phone

A website needs content.

Use your phone to make new posts.

Show the latest in a story.

Add a picture.

Straight from your phone.

Just install the WordPress for Android or iPhone.

Simple is Good

A website with us will be simple and elegent.

A minimum of themes, a minimum of plugins, with you woorking with Posts and Pages till you get a good handle on how WordPress works.

If you do not over complicate your layout, you make your website Phone Friendly. Google likes that, so when people search for you or what you do you get up the search rating.

Have a look at this website and and at to get ideas for your website.

Hello world!

First Post.

Two sites you want to look at, this one, and

This will will help with the technical details of running a WordPress website.

The other one will help you with the design elements of running a WordPress website.

Two very different aspects of a website brought to you by two very different people. Both of us want to help you to improve your message around He who is Risen, help your staff and students to thrive, and see the Kingdom of God grow.