Choosing Themes

Not all Themes are created equal.

What is a Theme?

A Theme provides layout and look & feel to your website.

It is the fonts, colours, how widgets get placed, how the homepage is different from every other page, how posts get displayed differently than pages.

A site can only have one active Theme at a time.

Millions of Themes exist on the internet for you to download and install. Just like plugins, you need to be careful.

  • Some themes are old and not compatible with your version of WordPress.
  • Some themes are poorly written and will break your website.
  • Some themes are loaded with hidden software that reports every visitor to your website back to them for the purpose of advertising. That is why it is free.
  • Some themes are bloated and will slow down your website.
  • And some themes are expensive.

So in looking for a theme, do research, think about how you want to display your website, even map it out on paper, then go searching. Just remember that no theme will do all you want it to do, and with all themes you need to learn it’s power.