Choose your Plugins wisely

When you get a website from us, we give you a number of standard plugin.

Unlike many WordPress website hosting services, we do not limit you on what you can install. A company hosting a full featured WordPress website will normally cost you $15.00 a month, those $3.95 WordPress are very limiting in terms of themes, plugins and features. So for the $7.50 a month we suggested you pay you get a full WordPress site.

Be careful

A plugin is compatible code written by a third party to work with WordPress. It may be code to give you photo galleries, image sliders, parallax, Q&As, really just about anything. There are all sorts of standards a coder should follow to make their code compatible with WordPress. In making the plugin the coder has to make sure they do not open WordPress to vulnerabilities, and not be vulnerable in their code to getting their plugin hacked. Unfortunately there is no guarantee that the coder has done a good job.


Good Plugins

How many reviews does a plugin have? Only 10? Tread carefully.

How many one star reviews does it have? Go read a few. People that find a plugin really good, and give it five stars, often have not encounter the problems that caused the one stars. Read the one stars to see if their issues might become yours.

How many downloads does a plugin have? 100, 1,000, 1,000,000? The most is not always the best. The best might just have been written and only has a hundred downloads to day. The number of downloads is a good indicator to look at, along with reviews and updates.

When was the the plugin last updated? WordPress is always being upgraded and you want your plugins to be current as well. A good plugin with lots of reviews and many downloads that has not been updated in 12 months raises alarm bells. This would mean that this plugin is unsupported and may have vulnerabilities.

Plugins we like

We will review plugins here and let you know the ones we like.

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