ywam.live Development

Already just by creating a subscription you get a ywam.live website.

  1. This comes with a WordPress system to run it.
  2. With a number of themes that we like that you can choose from.
  3. A set of useful plugins to make building your website easy.
  4. A number of articles that gives your website built out content.

What we are working on next is:

  • Create a Post and see it automatically appear on your Facebook feed.
  • See a tweet about it on your twitter.
  • Get a picture sent on to Instagram.

We also want to work on:

  • A YWAM location you like creates a post. It automatically gets posted to your website.
  • You create content on your site, and others that really like what you do get your content posted to their site.
  • We create interactivity between Staff, Schools and Locations that benefits all our websites, giving them great content and keeping them interesting for your friends and supporters.